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Bering Yachts - Explorer and Expedition Yachts

Bering Yachts is a builder of ocean going luxury motor yachts in a range between 50 and 145 feet (15-45 meter) The yachts are built in steel, semi-custom, and are aimed at the adventurous sailor, who wants to explore remote areas in comfort, safety and style. Three different styles are available.

The Expedition yachts are built for power, safety and comfort, and are extremely stable.
The Exploration series combine the seakeeping abilities of the Expedition range with a modern, contemporary look.
With the latest Coastal and Voyager series, Bering Yachts take a new approach on building coastal, fuel-efficient motor yachts with good looks. Bering yachts have already proven themselves in the world’s harshest conditions are roughest seas.

Sea Independent offers Bering yachts of all types and ranges, new and pre-owned, to her clients worldwide. Our international network of over 35 yacht brokerage companies now offers a wide and unique range of trawler type explorer yachts. Sea Independent is the yacht broker of choice when you are looking for a luxury expedition yacht.