Hot news from ICE 52

Hot news from ICE 52

Felci Yacht Design has developed the totally new water lines from the Ice 33 project that has shown to be fast a s a rocket in all competition entered.


For deck layout Felci Design Studio has continued Ice Yachts philosophy of ICE 62 of seaworthy practical layout blended in most elegant , chic and refined design as only top high end product can achieve. We have taken into consideration to have Ice 52 as the perfect boat to be handled in short hand crew, with all maneuvers in the right location, the right number of winches, to trim all possible modern sails. Make it possible to sail fast trough light airs or survive a severe North- West severe storm in the Lion Gulf.

The boat feature :

• A self tacking track in front of the mast , that can be used for jib or staysail.

• Integrated bowsprit , possible to have in two lengths , racing or cursing.

• Halyard winch on couch-roof and also a version with all halyard at the base of cockpit comings near main sail winches.


Two layout will be proposed as attached plans.  We are still working on it to refine them and make the best possible use of every centimeter of space.

We are still not yet decided completely on which of the two layouts apply to the first hull built that we will bring at autumns boat show.

I would like that each of you send us back a feed back of what you consider the best one for the first boat.

I will sent a separate mail with my personal pros and minus of the two layout, as a base for discussion.


In a world where everyone is copy is competitor , we are putting 110% effort to be identifiable as only top brands can achieve. We are looking at the competition , but the effort is to

be head of them , in terms of design, construction , interior craftsman and layout.

Especially we would like to underline  the  Ice Yachts are made for sailor that take they satisfaction sailing their boat year after year.


We are very conscious of today economical crisis and the general shrinking in spending power of each potential owner around the world.

A great effort is made on this boat to cut any unnecessary cost and put all the money one important issue so to achieve a distinctive product.

We still aim at a boat that finished in the water with chosen accessories, will be in the following price range:

1. Cruiser/Race version :                    €.650.000/ €.750.000

2. Long Range Cruise version :         €.550.000/ €.650.000

We strongly believe this boat will enable us trough you to enter the market with the right step and lay down a very important step forward building the Ice Yachts Brand.

I have experienced in this two past years, that a very motivated team is behind the Ice Yachts shipyard, proud of their work and of the product they built.

Ice 52 will be a great opportunity for each of you in your distinctive markets.

Two main models will be available: 


In the Ice Yacht tradition , epoxy hull in infusion with hybrid hull and deck carbon/e-glass , nice chic interior that meets design and tradition.

Two interior style to chose from, one similar to Ice 62 in teak and one light wood color and more modern/minimal/design one.

Configurable more racing or more cruising. A light , sleek fast boat with an eye at confort and style. Easy to handle also in two people.


This will be the type boat we will put in production first with the aim to bring her to Cannes boat show and Genova Boat Show.

"Special Deal” for first's clients to buy her within May 30th!

There are a few lined up so this is the right time to move 

Long Range Cruise :

With the Ice Yachts know how , top Vinylester hull in infusion in e-glass of hull and deck with extensive carbon reinforcements.

Two interior style to chose from, one similar to Ice 62 either teak or one light wood color oak and more modern/minimal/design one.

This boat will have a special a focus on fast long range cruising at an incredible affordable price. So to compete with competition on same label ground.

Still a light boat , easy to handle with short crew, clever cruising facilities and solution with an eye at confort and style.

Big focus form solo handed experience and an eye to Open 60 tricks to handle it in one/two people.

 Shorter cruise bowsprit.

We would like to put this type of boat in production, as soon molds will be available, from hull nbr. 52/01.

 "Special Deal” for first client to buy her within September 30th! Boat to be launched by end of the year.



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