Island Packet 485 "n.n."

Island Packet’s 485 reminds us why a healthy displacement still makes sense today. You can’t help but like a boat that balances off the wind as well as it does close-reaching. And for true long-term cruising, a boat that packs a tremendous payload not only extends your range but also opens all kinds of options when you finally get where you want to be. Maggie has been highly regarded for building strong, seaworthy sailboats that are tuned to the cruising sailor’s needs. With first-rate systems and enough storage space to keep a cruising family comfortable for months at a time, the 485 is a well-appointed escape pod. No, you won’t shatter any speed records round the buoys, but the boat fits the bill for the couple or family looking for a boat that they could truly call a home. Maggie is now for sale at Sea Independent. Inspection is highly recommended.

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