Maxim 57 "Cha Lee"

Weird as winning lotto ticket, this type of cat does not show up very often especially in this kind of condition!

This is a must see and is definitely not an average catamaran sailboat which just cannot be compared with other similar boats available.

Being well built, good looking, with its twin engines spaced miles apart to aid ease of handling, able to turn easily within its own length, converting to a catamaran is really an obvious choice.

The MAXIM 57 has definitely grown on people with its spacious cabins. More and more boat owners are realizing the benefits of a catamaran hull.

The MAXIM 57 is a very purposeful seagoing vessel and with a fixed amount of usable space on board both inside and out for a boat this size it is easy to see why the MAXIM 57 is a popular choice.

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