Ice 1A Icebreaker 55m "Anschütz"

Built 1967 Norderwerft Hamburg for the German Maritime Authorities and Converted / rebuilt 1982 Thyssen Nordseewerke Emden, Germany. .

Former special purpose vessel of German maritime authorities for employment or conversion as researchvessel, supportvessel for offshore windfarms, diver basic vessel, as guard vessel or as explorer-yachtCan be used for employment or conversion as Ice breaker / Multi Purpose Vessel / Yacht / Research / Explorer vessel or any other purpose. The ship was built 1968 at the Norderwerft in Hamburg. The original mission was to degauss other vessels afloat to secure them against possible magnet mines in the Baltic sea. During wintertime she also should work as icebreaker.

Maybe for you an opportunity of buying and rebuilding a vessel with a story.

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