Nauta 57 "Pakilar"

Nauta Yachts are known to be long-legged blue water cruisers designed to sail offshore. With a length of over 17 meters, you get a good experience even if it is a little sea.

The width as well as lead cold means that she does not twist much and feels safe and stable. Good maneuverability in port.

“S/Y PAKILAR” is known for sailing easily in low winds, its excellent properties in stamp lakes with soft movements as a result of the design of the hull.
A Nauta Yachts 57 is built to cross the great oceans, and all of the winches, blocks and equipment are dimensioned to withstand the stresses of such sea crossings.

PAKILAR has a fixed fin keel totalling 3 meters.She is easy to sail and ready to cast off.

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