Hacker 35

Длина: 10.67m
Год постройки: 1998
статус: без НДС

Цена: $ 109 000

OH BABY is custom built by the Hacker Craft Company of Silver Bay, NY. Checking in at 35', she features a timeless style that is still being built today. Constructed completely in mahogany, she features a triple cockpit layout and is powered by twin Crusader 454's. OH... [больше]

Chris Craft 26 Runaboat

Длина: 8.00m
Год постройки: 1930
статус: с НДС

Цена: € 155 000

This boat is a mahogany runabout from the American company Chris Craft (Chris Smith & Sons). Year 1930, original engine by Chris Craft A120. 250 hp, 13.5 litres capacity. Speed 38 knots. The boat was built in 1930 by the Swedish Chris Craft Importer Bengt Unander... [больше]

Frauscher 909 Benaco

Длина: 9.03m
Год постройки: 2011
статус: без НДС


The 909 Benaco can- due to its visual innovation, its elegant impression and its flawless craftsmanship- rightfully be considered the ULTIMATE DAY CRUISER. The Frauscher 909 Benaco is striking in every way: top performance, generous space, first-class design and... [больше]

Beacher V10 Croisiere

Длина: 9.50m
Год постройки: 2015
статус: с НДС

Цена: € 195 000

This nice motor boats built in Arcachon (France), are the day boats every want to have. The hull and the deck of the HONU are built at the factory of Coauch Yachts, and the rest of the construction has been made at a shed near this factory. More than 100 Beacher's has... [больше]

Wally Tender

Длина: 13.70m
Год постройки: 2007
статус: без НДС


Well known for its unmistakable stealth like features the Wally Tender can be descriped as the Ferrari the Sea. No other 45 ft tender quite makes a statement like a Wally Tender. Composite construction makes the Wally light, agile and fast. 2 Mercruiser 496 MAG HO DTS... [больше]

Riva Aquariva Cento

Длина: 10.07m
Год постройки: 2007
статус: с НДС

Цена: € 380 000

The Aquariva Cento, limited to 10 editions. Realized by Riva to celebrate the production of the 100th unit of the Aquariva, portrays Riva's natural style evolution from past to present exalting the pleasure of boating in a timeless classic offering unique, incomparable... [больше]

J Craft Torpedo

Длина: 12.63m
Год постройки: 2018
статус: без НДС

Цена: По запросу

The J Craft Torpedo is a boat like no other, with its tremendous visual and tactile appeal. Evoking all the glamour of the classic wooden speed boats of the 50s and 60s but with the latest design and engineering techniques, it is the perfect luxury all-rounder. Life... [больше]