SY 10M “Ghoster“

video of SY 10M

When a boat sails fine on a mirror-shaded sea in almost silent. Or which the name Ghoster ... A pure racing boat that was built after the R-rule of 1926. S / Y Ghoster is a 10mR - boat, a 10 meters. Do you want to do as previous owners and sail regatta in a regatta boat from 1927 against ultra modern regatta boats and continue to put the story into perspective. Then Ghoster can take you on this journey further. Charles E Nicholson was reckoned for Europe's leading yacht designers and he is the only one who has drawn 3 J class both to race in the Americas Cup. S / Y Ghoster was built and launched in Stockholm in June 1927 at the famous Stockholm boat building in the Negling yard in Saltsjøbaden.


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