Price reduction M/Y de Vlijt "Najade"

Gorami was built by the shipyard De Vlijt in Aalsmeer. Shipyard De Vlijt is the former name of what is now known as Royal De Vries Shipyard in Aalsmeer.

It had hull number 362 and was delivered to the client J. Duppen in August 1938. It was a wooden motor yacht of the so-called "kofferdek" type, designed by H.W. de Voogt. The dimensions were: length 15 meters, width 3.50 meters, and draft 1 meter.

The wooden hull consisted of a double-planked skin, diagonally carvel-built. The inner skin was made of 8 mm Russian oak and was riveted to the outer skin with red copper boat nails, five nails in each diamond. The outer skin above the waterline was made of 10 mm Tabasco mahogany, and below the waterline, it was made of 10 mm teak. Between the two skins, there was a covering of finely woven and impregnated cotton canvas, thickened with teak tar.

Construction History

On July 27, 1937, the contract between Mr. Van Duppen and the shipyard was signed, and construction began in the workweek of August 7 to 13, 1937. The construction of this motor yacht was not continuous, so it was only completed in September 1938.

A photo of the "Gorami" can still be found in the shipyard archive, taken after its launch in the summer of 1938. (

She is awaiting your inspection in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands.

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