Find A New Owner


Over 35 international yacht brokers actively promote the sale of your yacht. We provide a worldwide network of real people and trusted companies that provide both sellers and buyers with valuable local support, knowledge and personal attention.
We also offer the possibility – pursuant to prior agreement - of showing your yacht at international boat shows and/or participation in other marketing actions or events.

When selling your yacht through Sea Independent you work with one single point of contact, the Central Agent, to employ over 35 certified professional yacht brokers and brokerage companies.
Once an interested buyer is found through our marketing activities, Sea Independent not only offers technical and commercial communication with the buyer but is also present with yacht viewings; ultimately handling all aspects of negotiations and sale transactions.



When it comes to judging its market value, or technical qualities, seeking professional advice is usually necessary and the wise thing to do.

At Sea Independent our well trained and experienced brokers can offer this professional advice. Our extensive worldwide network provides you, as our client, with a knowledge base and support that has no equal in this business.

Working on the basis of your what you specify we can find the right yacht, inspect it and advise on what the fair market price should be. We check ownership, registration, and fiscal situation. We handle negotiations for you, and then set up the sales agreement and take care of all the formalities involved when buying a yacht. Transfer of the sales sum can be handled by us in a secure way, via our escrow account.

We will be happy to inform you about services.