Sly 47 "Nashorn"

The owner had a long and successful career in the star-boat class, which he dominated in Switzerland from 1957 onwards by winning 11 times the Swiss Championship.

He represented Switzerland in the Olympics twice. After retiring from these active years, he decided to take to the open seas. After a C&C 38 and a Baltic 51 which represented the IOR design area, he decided to step on board of the SLY 47, a cruiser racer which combined both worlds. Racing with his long-time friends as a total amateur crew of up to ten, but also easy to handle two-handed for him and his wife. This is also reflected in his investments for the continuous maintenance, upgrade and improvements. There were always two sets of sails for cruising and for racing and he was for years with his Nashorns a constant participant and a well-known sight at the various regattas from Punta Ala to St. Tropez as well as his distance cruising.

Getting older and his crew also not getting any younger he decided to take it easier and bring the yacht to the market.

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