Chris Craft 26 Runaboat "JP III"

This boat is a mahogany runabout from the American company Chris Craft (Chris Smith & Sons). Year 1930, original engine by Chris Craft A120. 250 hp, 13.5 litres capacity. Speed 38 knots.

The boat was built in 1930 by the Swedish Chris Craft Importer Bengt Unander Schorin to the buyer JP Åhlen, Founder of the first Swedish department store Åhlens delivered. Therefore the name JP III.

JP III is totally restored and is in a very good and clean condition – inside and outside. The boat was restored for 25 years. The original engine (engine number 514) is outdated and is available as a replacement engine. An identical engine was ordered in the US and is today the engine of the JP III. (Engine number 426) JP III has received a Swedish award for the best restored boat of all time. You have to experience Jp III and listen to the sound of the 13.5L V8 engine. The bright fittings with the glossy varnish on the mahogany is eye catching.

She is a true rarity when it comes to classic wooden boats.

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