Catamarans are Hot !

Catamarans are Hot !

Catamarans are getting increasingly popular, with recent models exhibiting good sailing performance

Catamarans offer the outdoor and interior space usually only seen on large motor yachts, without the exorbitant fuel bill. And when it comes to sailing comfort, cats clearly beat both monohull sailing yacht and motor yachts!

The disadvantage of not being able to sail well to windward is not an issue anymore with modern catamarans. Daggerboards and refined hull shape bring them on a par with monohulls. Look at what was demonstrated at the America’s cup in San Francisco last year!


Sea Independent recently has added a number of cats to her listing of yachts for sale. Here are a few:


Maxim 37 from 2002 at € 145.000 incl. VAT

Dean Espace 440 from 2004 at € 225.000 ex. VAT

Lagoon 500 from 2010 at € 445.000 ex VAT

Schionning Waterline 1520 from 2005 at $ 595.000 ex. VAT

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