Cavalier 92 `` Pegasus Blue`` sold

Cavalier 92 `` Pegasus Blue`` sold

We are happy to inform you that PEGASUS BLUE (former Pegasus II) has been sold and she will have a refit and continues her life under Maltese flag.

Her first owner was an experienced sailor who knew exactly what he wanted and was able to afford a high-end yacht of its days. That makes her even after 27 years an outstanding enjoyable yacht.

Over the decades she was partly used for luxury charter in caribbean and mediterranian waters as well as sailed privately between New Zealand and Europe.

Members of the Kennedy family enjoyed sailing Pegasus Blue in the 1980s just to name one of her famous charter guests.

After years being based in Holland doing charter trips in the med she came to her present dutch ownership with the plan to circumnavigate. Along the way we learned to love her sturdiness in rough seas, her wind-affinity up to 45 degrees apparent and last but not least the luxury of an strong engine when the wind is low. Our average cruising speed is around 9 kts in any conditions.

She is now asking for an overhaul but for who invest some money will get a remarkable yacht.


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