ICE YACHTS, the new boatyard, comes onto the market with ICE52.


A fast cruiser dedicated to those enthusiastic, competent ship owners seeking intense emotions and fun at the helm combined with high quality construction.

This is a Felci Yacht Design’s avant garde project and the production site is located in the historic premises of Yacht 2000 with its more than thirty years’ experiences and the production of more than 80 prestigious maxi yachts.

From the hydrodynamic point of view, the hull’s waterlines, the “T” bulb keel and the deep rudder guarantee high performances, with impressive “numbers” underlining the up wind attitude matched with the surfing potential when sailing down wind.

In order to guarantee these performances ICE52 combines hi-tech methods used extensively during the construction process together with the astonishing quality of the craftsmanship, with experience acquired in years of working in the marine industry building many sailboats that have redefined the history of yachting.


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