Introduction of the ICE 80

Introduction of the ICE 80

The ICE 80 is designed as a fast and comfortable “all round” yacht, for demanding owners who desire to win on the Mediterranean Maxi yachts circuit and long range regattas

Her hull shape is the result of advanced CFD research, combining performance in all situations with special attention to down-wind conditions, often seen on offshore races, and good performance in light winds and short waves, typical for Mediterranean race conditions.

Many aspects of her hull shape are in line with the latest development in one design racing.

On top of this, comfortable and safe sailing during cruising was part of the design brief.

A state of the art lifting keel with a draught ranging from 3,20 to 5 meters will allow performance under sail as well as access to shallow waters anchorages.

Construction techniques follow the project philosophy. Vacuum infusion of carbon fibers optimizes weight, allowing a 28 tons displacement in racing conditions.

A modern interior layout, using light materials is the obvious consequence of the project philosophy, with interior elements often combined with the carbon structure.

All those aspects will allow an “aggressive” interpretation of the yacht during demanding offshore races.


Price range EUR 4.000.000

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