New arrival at Sea Independent, Frauscher 858 Fantom

New arrival at Sea Independent

Frauscher 858 FANTOM - the first truly three-dimensional boat ever

Don´t wonder yourself too much when you see a Fata Morgana on your local boating destination of choice - it´s neither a ghost nor a product of your imagination. It´s the new Frauscher 858 FANTOM which represents the next step in boat design.

Contrived from an all-Austrian, allstar team of designers and engineers the radical dimensionality of its design combined with its breathtaking performance could also originate from an Italian or German sports car manufacturer.

In house designer and engineer Thomas Gerzer, famous for the 717 GT and 1017 GT joined forces with two new partners to create the 858 Fantom: Harry Miesbauer who worked with Luca Brenta, Wally, Maxi Dolphin and numerous other high-profile yacht builders was responsible for the underwater construction which features the straight-bow and stepped hull design made famous by other recent Frauscher creations.

KISKA, responsible for the exterior of all KTM motorcycles and recent Audi interiors was chosen to design the 858 Fantom: based on Frauscher design traits like the characteristic ‚Z‘ of the stainless steel hull-deck connection, frameless and tinted windscreen or the huge teak-deck KISKA improved the design by shaping the first truly

three-dimensional boat ever.

Available with different V8 petrol engines or Diesel choices in a stern-drive configuration the 8.6 m Fantom easily breaks the 40 knot barrier and reaches over 48 knots with the optional 8.2l engine.

Equipped with a huge teak bathing platform, generous sun pad and upholstery, a beautifully furnished cabin and stainless-steel retractable clamps and applications the 858 Fantom is ready to turn heads.


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