New ICE 52 RS Salvirola, March 29th 2016

New ICE 52  RS    Salvirola

As standard: glass-carbon construction, Hall Spars carbon rig, carbon rudder stock , lithium batteries and ultralight interiors.

Ice Yachts is ready to introduce on the market the sporty version of ICE52, that since the Genova Boat Show (October 2015) has already sold six models.


The ICE 52 RS, designed and concerted by Umberto Felci together with the boatyard’s team lead by Enrico Malingri, it is a fast cruiser envisioned for the most competitive owner, who aims to top performance in regattas and at the same time comfort while cruising.


The modern lines feature a reverse bow with a carbon bowsprit of optional length between 1.3 and 1.8 meters, a Volvo Open 70 inspired stern, which is also a main stroke of the ICE33, the wicked racer launched last June and already on the market with 5 sisters.


The waterlines, as well as the keel (3 meters of draft), are designed to deliver the best performance sailing both sharp angles upwind and planning fast downwind.


Also by engine you can proceed very fast, 9.2 knots is cruise speed!!And in the garage you can fit without deflating a tender of 2.85 meters!!



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