New in Charter sy ICE 52 “Skidbladner II“

New in Charter sy ICE 52 “Skidbladner II“

The ICE 52 Skidbladner II is a unique sailing yacht.
On the outside a racer on the inside a hotel suite. Built in carbon fiber, fast and elegant. An Italian luxury yacht with sail racing properties in combination with all kinds of comfort.

The best of both worlds. Sail on Skidbladner II! You are welcome onboard. The perfect corporate team-building event or just for pleasure in Stockholm's beautiful archipelago together with your friends. Do you want to have your own chef onboard or TV celebrity Steffo Törnquist to teach life enjoyment in the higher school? No problem, you wish we fix. Our home port is Nacka Strand's marina in Stockholm. Combine with dinner at Restaurant J and a good night’s sleep at Hotel J, situated in the marina.

Prices and more (ICE 52 / all prices excluding VAT and any other fees if applicable):

• Half a day (4 h of sailing): 1800 Euro

• Whole day (8 h of sailing): 2900 Euro

• 24 h of sailing: 3500 Euro (day #2, 3,4 and so forth: 2000 Euro)

Prices include rental fee of the yacht, professional and certified skipper, full weather gear (if needed), life vests.

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