Ready for new season S/Y Johan Anker Int.10M Class “Lasse“

Ready for new season S/Y Johan Anker Int.10M Class “Lasse“

Lasse was launched in August 1940 in Stubbekøbing, when her hull was registered.

The story of Lasse has not been fully reconstructed, but "Eva" (her original name) was given to Eva Braun by the King of Denmark during a visit before the war. The lady had expressed admiration for a similar boat on the dock that was designed by Anker in 1931. The Danish monarch had the same designer build an identical boat in tribute. Since it was a state boat, "Eva" was anchored at the naval academy in Flensburg and miraculously escaped Allied bombing. After passing between several owners and changing its name to "Lasse," the boat was used by French director René Clément in his 1960 film "Purple Noon," starring Alain Delon, taking the name "Marge" for the production.

Now she is for sale.

New asking EUR 395.000 VAT paid.

Lying La Rochelle, France

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