Sold Mc Gregor 65 ``Aurica``

Sold  Mc Gregor 65 ``Aurica``

MacGregor Yacht Corporation was a fruitling of a Standford MBA project of Roger MacGregor in the early 1964′s. As an economics student, he studied the dynamics of the highly competitive boat building business.

In 1964 while working at Ford Aerospace, he starting building boats as a hobby. By 1967 Mr. MacGregor was making more money from his hobby than his real job and decided to build boats full time. The yard was across from Westsail and Islander in Costa Mesa, California. He built superfast, inexpensive trailerable fiberglass sailboats branded Venture. By 1977 he was building boats under the name MacGregor. In 1984 he launched the 65-foot racing sled and built 100 hulls until 1995.A 70-foot extended version of 65 MacGregor is in the works with two preliminary hulls produced as of 2010.

Lying at the Balearen.


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