Sold My Fleming 75 ``Calypso``

Sold My Fleming 75 ``Calypso``

You'd have to say that behind every product there's a philosophy of sorts. Perhaps that's too strong a word but there is always something of the maker in everything made.

In the case of the Fleming, our goal was to create a refined and dependable cruising yacht, capable of taking her crew in comfort and safety to wherever they might wish to go. The selection of every item, from the shape of the hull to the choice of each piece of equipment, reflects this philosophy. -

From the beginning, Tony Fleming's objective was to build the ultimate cruising/live-aboard yacht capable of being handled by a couple and with comfortable accommodations for occasional guests. Unlike the fashionable trend towards sleek, Euro-styled boats that are often impractical for cruising in the real world, Fleming designed a classic, low profile motor yacht with a true pilothouse configuration that will never go out of style.

The Fleming hull is a semi-displacement design with moderate deadrise, a fine entry forward and a hard-chined, modified V aft - all adding up to a yacht optimized for running most efficiently at 9 to 10 knots, but which can also cruise comfortably at up to 18 knots.

Is this your yacht to circumnavigate?


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