Attractively priced European yachts

Attractively priced European yachts

Yachts in Europe, priced without EU VAT paid, can prove to be great deals for non-EU residents.

VAT is a big issue when sailing inside the European Union (EU). For non-EU residents, like Americans, there is a temporary importation rule which allows them to sail their yacht unrestricted in practice.

For EU residents however, the situation is different. When sailing their yacht privately, within the waters of the EU, VAT has to be paid, or must have been paid in the past. For that reason, when comparing prices, EU residents always look at the VAT status of a yacht, and if needed add VAT when comparing prices. This VAT can sometimes as high as 25%!

In order to be competitive on the EU market, a yacht which does not have EU VAT paid, needs to be a lot cheaper than a yacht that does have a VAT paid status. Because VAT is not due if sold to a non-EU resident these yachts are a real bargain to buyers from outside the European Union.

At Sea Independent we have quite a few yachts, lying in EU waters, without VAT paid. These are not only high quality yachts which are well maintained (often by a skipper) but they are also yachts which are very competitively priced. See the list below.

Sailing Yachts

Motor Yachts

Zeeman 41, lying in the Netherlands

Fleur de Lys, lying in Croatia

Hallberg Rassy 48, lying in Portugal

Tempest 88 Sports Cruiser, lying in Spain

Beneteau Oceanis 58, Lying in Spain

TSD Motor Yacht, lying in Italy

CCYD 72, lying in Italy

Bugari 29M, lying in Greece

Oyster 56, lying in the UK

Couach 3300 Fly, lying in France

Jongert 2100S, lying in the Netherlands

Couach 3700 Fly, lying in France

Contest 60CS, lying in Spain

Research Explorer Vessel, lying in Spain

Oyster 72, lying in Palma de Mallorca


Oyster 655, lying in Palma de Mallorca


ICE 62, lying in Italy


Oyster 82, lying in the UK


Oyster 885, lying in Spain



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