Sold S/Y Devonport 67 “Xplore“

Sold S/Y Devonport 67 “Xplore“

Designed by UK renowned naval architect David Thomas in conjunction with Bureau Veritas, the design brief was to create a world circumnavigating yacht that would safely and reliably go to the ends of the earth, a Range Rover of the oceans.

Xplore started her life as one of the yachts in the British Steel Challenge around-the-world race.

Designed for ocean sailing and fine tuned for high latitudes and even polar regions, Xplore's accommodation of 6 separate cabins can house up to 14 people. The separate living spaces within the yacht mean that on longer extended voyages or projects, people can find their own space to work, live and relax.

As a proven business operation for ten years, the yacht is fully equipped and prepared as a "Turn Key" platform that will take you to your dream places and pay for it. Xplore comes with an existing website, marketing and social media. There is an extensive and detailed new owner training period to ensure a smooth transition into Xplore.



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